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Clementine's Puppies

Australian Cattle Dog mix
Energy Level: 

Apple and Banana are still looking for a forever home!

This little cutie is Apple, she’s part of our fruit litter! Apple is about seven-weeks-old, six pounds, and full of spunk. Her foster calls her Apple Pie, because she’s such a sweetie! Apple loves getting snuggles and having her chin scratched. If she’s not getting pets while her sisters are, she’ll make one little yip noise and then bow down in pounce position waiting for someone to give her attention! She’s the happiest curled up in anyone's lap. 

“What do you mean no one has put in an app for me?” Poor Banana hasn’t had any applications submitted for her yet! Banana is one of our fruit litter pups and will be ready to go home next week! She’s never sad for long and is actually one of the happiest pups in the litter! Banana’s favorite game is running in circles, pouncing on her sisters, and then rolling on her tummy for one of them to pounce back! She loves her sisters, but loves getting attention from people even more; she just can't get enough snuggles! Banana is about seven-weeks-old, eight pounds, and is quite the little love. 

Apple and Banana's mom, Clementine, is a 28lb heeler/beagle mix, and dad is unknown. 

These girls will be ready for adoption after they turn eight-weeks-old on 1/25/17!