Hound Mix
Coat Length: 
Primary Colors: 
Black and brindle


This crazy, lazy hound is Hopps! Hopps absolutely loves people and is so excited to finally be ready for adoption! Hopps is now 25 pounds and 15-weeks-old. He’s SO squishy, SO soft, and such a baby! He’s the sleepiest, snuggliest, sweetest boy, but has also been the biggest problem “child” his foster mom has ever had! He was quite a challenge at first! He came to us at 6-weeks-old with a very broken leg, biting anyone and anything, crying (yodeling) nonstop, and “inhaling” his food and pretty much anything else, and acting aggressively towards the other animals when they came close to his prized possessions. Hopps has changed so much since he first came to us two months ago. His leg is now cast and bandage free, and his foster mom says, although he’s still a challenge, he’s gotten SO much better with everything! His “protectiveness” over his food/bones/toys has almost gone away, he’s gotten much better in the crate (although he still defaults to the yodel at least a few times a day), and now he even seems to enjoy being “puppy tortured” (holding him like a baby, squishing his face, flopping his ears, etc.). He even sits politely for his dinner, stays sitting while his bowl is placed on the ground, and waits for an “okay!” before breaking his sit and eating his dinner slowly. 


He loves to run as fast as he can all around the room and then jump into dog beds or up on the couch and lounge for hours...or get distracted and start chewing on whatever’s closest to him. He’s pretty easy to redirect with toys though! He’s doing much better with his hand chewing/nibbling and stops quickly when corrected and redirected. He does still occasionally throw nasty (much less nasty) fits when he’s “amped up”, and will “retaliate” aggressively if he gets scared or hurt (e.g. if you accidentally step on his paw). As long as his behaviors are continually worked with, we know he’ll continue to improve and be a great dog for the perfect family! 




Hopps is all smiles today because he finally got his bandage off!!! He’s thrilled that he’s finally a free man! Hopps has always been a happy boy, but you should see him now without that cast holding him back <3 


We’ve had Hopps for over a month now while he’s been busy growing and healing. His first set of radiographs showed that he was only about six-weeks-old and he had a 1.5-week-old radius/ulna (frontleg) fracture with possible growth plate involvement. Weeks of bandage changes and radiographs later, he’s finally bandage free! His latest radiographs showed that his fractures are healing and despite the malunion, he should be able to walk relatively normally on the leg. He’ll get what will hopefully be his last set of radiographs next week to make sure the bones have continued to heal properly. His carpus/wrist is very weak and has limited range of motion. Physical therapy would likely improve the integrity of his carpal joints. Degenerative changes may occur in Hopps' affected joints and the degeneration will likely progress over time. Hopps may or may not have clinical signs associated with this, such as pain and limping, which may require vet care and medications. Maintaining Hopps on a regular, controlled exercise program, and keeping him at a lean weight will help him a great deal.




Please read through our adoption policies and requirements at www.awfpva.org/adoptions prior to requesting an application. 


We require all animals in the household to be up to date on core vaccines. Dogs must be vaccinated against rabies, canine distemper, and bordetella. Cats must be vaccinated against rabies and feline distemper. 


All of our animals are in foster homes. We will schedule meet and greets after approving your adoption application to ensure our fosters are only meeting with serious applicants.