Mastiff Mix
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Up-to-date with routine shots
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Primary Colors: 
Brown brindle
Energy Level: 

These eyes will melt your heart and warm your soul! Lacey is a gorgeous five-year-old, 75lb Mastiff mix. This big, beautiful lady is loving the pampered life! She now demands couches, kongs, and closeness to people. Lacey is pretty laid back, and spends most of her time laying around the house with her foster siblings. She loves tossing her toys in the air and then pouncing on them, dropping them on any raised surface just to pick them back up, and plopping them in people’s laps as gifts of friendship. 

Lacey is doing great in her foster's home with several dogs of all sizes, and several cats as well! She seems very easy going and gentle, but will grumble at the other dogs to claim toys and her “spot”. Her foster mom says this behavior is improving with minimal work and doesn’t seem to escalate, but she should only be around friends that won’t get mad at her for growling at them. Lacey gets attached to her people quickly and doesn’t enjoy being alone. She’s housebroken and will easily go into her crate on command, but tends to whine a lot and chew/suck on blankets when she’s left alone. This big squishy baby still has a lot to learn about living the good life, but so far her foster thinks she’s just about perfect! 

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