Rottweiler/Hound Mix
Primary Colors: 

Introducing Sadie!! She is a roughly 9-10 week old Rottweiler-Hound mix who can be super feisty and playful! Her favorite activities are wrestling and playing with other dogs, but when it's time for a nap she turns into a total cuddle bug. She loves being with people and forms attachments quickly. The quickest way to this pups heart is through her stomach! She is extremely food motivated and practically jumps into her food bowl during meal times. Sadie is just beginning to learn a lot of new things, so like any puppy will require an adopter willing to help her learn how to be a well behaved dog! Of course, she has several normal puppy tendencies- wanting to chew on shoes and the occasional table leg and, but is learning "no" and it is easy to redirect her to a toy. Her potty training is also coming along, and she will go as soon as she gets outside, but she is still having a few accidents in the house (the snow is NOT helping-she HATES it).


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