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Up-to-date with routine shots
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Welcome back Gorgeous! Sydney, known to us as Loretta, was adopted from us about a year ago when she was just a little puppy. She’s grown up into such a sweet girl! She’s now just over a year old, almost 60 pounds, and still very much a puppy. She seems like she’ll be great with most other dogs, kids, and even cats! Her last family took her regularly to doggy-day-care at Heartstrings, where she loved playing with all the random dogs. They also said that she loved to play with their other dog (a male boxer) and that she’s been around lots of kids and does great with them! She’s currently in a foster home with several dogs and cats and is doing great with everyone!
Sydney was returned due to a fight with a relative's dog over a bone and concern about her being territorial over possessions (I.e. quiet growling at the toddler and other dog over toys/treats). While this situation can be dangerous with a toddler and we support her family's decision to give her back to us, we think she could do great with other dogs/kids depending on the ages/personalities/ect. She’s a very sweet girl and approaches new dogs/people/cats very gently (at least right now while she’s new to her foster home). She’s house broken, listens well to commands (sit, down stay), and is very responsive to directions. She’s a great snuggler and she also loves to play!