Shih Tzu

New Year, New Life! This little dude was kept as an OUTSIDE dog before he came to us this week. Thank goodness we got him when we did or the little man might have froze! Yoshi is a 4yr old Shih Tzu that is looking for his forever home. He’s rather shy and frightens easily, but when he’s held he clings tight as if he’s saying, “Never let me go!” He’s coming out of his shell more and more every day, but he’s still quite timid. He gets excited when he sees other dogs and starts wagging his tail and squeaking with excitement. He can get overwhelmed with my large dogs when they run up to him, but he still seems to love being around them and really loves to play and goof around with my other small foster dog. Yoshi had his first couch/snuggle experience this week and he says he can’t believe how much he’s been missing out! He now hops on the couch and buries himself in the blanket like a pro every chance he gets! He seems great with cats too!


Yoshi has been diagnosed with KCS/dry eye in both eyes, and has an ulcer in the left eye. The right eye was matted shut when we first got him and is still significantly cloudy. He does have vision in both eyes, and we’re hoping that with the medications he’s on, his right eye will continue to clear up. The ulcer is relatively easy to treat and should heal quickly. KCS/dry eye is usually a degenerative condition (gets worse with age), so although the frequency of the medication can usually eventually be decreased, he will likely need lifelong medication for his KCS.