Foster an Animal

Foster an animal

One of our biggest needs is a place to keep our dogs until we can find them a permanent home!

Our main focus for animal intake is pulling from the local kill shelters.

Since we do not have a shelter, we depend on foster homes. If you have room for a dog in your home, it is one of the best ways that you can volunteer. Foster homes usually keep their animals for a period of a couple of weeks to a couple of months, until they are adopted. 


It's easy - we pay for all of the dog's healthcare, food, and supplies, and can provide a crate. All you have to do is provide a loving temporary home!

Many of these dogs are coming from the shelter and need love and patience more than anything. We would be happy to provide tips on training to ensure your foster pup is ready to go to their forever home. We may ask that you take them to the vet if needed, and you will be responsible for coordinating and running meet and greets with potential adopters. Your knowledge of your foster dog is going to be key in matching them with adopters, and we always want your opinion of whether you think it is a good fit!


Fostering is a very fulfilling way to help out. If you have thought about adopting a pet but are not quite sure what kind of dog is best for you, fostering is a wonderful way to try out different types of animals and determine whether they are suitable for your lifestyle. You are still helping to save the animals that you do not decide to keep as your own pet! It's a win/win situation!

We allow undergraduate students to foster as well - so if you are at school and missing your pet back home, fostering might be just what you need!


If you are interested in fostering an animal for AWFP, please email our Foster Coordinator at for an application.