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Up-to-date with routine shots
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Are you looking for a fluffy little addition to add to your home? If so, we are excited to introduce to you: Archie!
Archie is a roughly 1 year old, neutered mixed breed. He is up to date on all vaccines, and weighs in at about 25 pounds. When not lounging around his foster’s home, he readily keeps himself entertained with his chew toys. When you are having a busy day, just give him a toy or two, and he will leave you to work!
Archie’s overall demeanor is very mellow. Worried about a barking dog that might provoke your neighbors? That won’t be a problem with Archie. His foster shares with us that he never barks, and makes a minimal amount of noise at best. Although he is still working on some of his training such as learning how to sit, he is very food motivated, which of course makes everything a little easier.
Archie is a little more on the shy side, and will likely take some time to warm up to you or your family. He also can be a little nervous around strangers and when he is outdoors, but as he becomes more comfortable in his environment, his personality begins to show more and more. Despite his nerves, Archie remains a super sweet pup, and would be a great addition to someone’s home.
Archie was brought to AWFP with a sibling, but since this time, we have not been able to observe him around other dogs or cats. If you do have another dog in your home but are still interested in adopting Archie, we could arrange to have him meet your other animal(s) at a future date to gauge whether their personalities would click.
If you are interested in adopting Archie, please send an email to for an application! Please note we only schedule meet and greets with approved adopters.