Pitbull Mix
Young Adult
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Up-to-date with routine shots
Coat Length: 
Primary Colors: 
Tan and White
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Everyone - meet Hannibal! 


Hannibal is a 2-year old Pitbull mix who weighs around 50 pounds. He is an incredibly loving and kind pup who enjoys cuddles and peanut butter covered bones. You won’t have to worry about Hannibal getting bored from his toys; they keep him entertained for hours!


While a puppy, Hannibal was affected by a traumatic event that left him blind in one eye and unable to appropriately use his jaw due to fibrosis (scarring) within it. To help him attain better movement of it, he has been receiving acupuncture and physical therapy. Despite having a rough upbringing, Hannibal still adores people and deserves a loving home to live out his life!


Please note that Hannibal needs to be adopted into a single pet household. His past has left him fear aggressive towards other canines, and we thus can only consider adopters who own no other animals. We are unsure how he would behave around cats.


If you are looking for a new snuggle buddy who will shower you with kisses, please email us at awfpadoptions@gmail.com for an application.